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​Wedding Sparklers & Related Favors: Solidifying Your Wedding's "Best Ever" Status

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Wedding Sparklers & Related Favors: Solidifying Your Wedding's "Best Ever" Status

So you’re a starry-eyed bride to be and you’re online feverishly planning your wedding reception, right? Well look no further for all you need to know when it comes to spicing up various stages of your reception with sparklers and other fun accessories.


Wedding sparklers are unique mostly due to their size and usage. They start at 10-inch and progress up to 20-inch and 36-inch lengths. Imagine your entire party, huge sparklers in hand, sending you off to your honeymoon on the best day of your life. If you want to take it a step further with your creativity, choose our heart-shaped sparklers! Make the evening wind down calm and in-sync with any time obligations you may have with your venue by saving them for the end and using their cessation as a cue for everyone to pack it up. No matter what segment of your wedding you’d like to incorporate them, wedding sparklers have something to offer any part of your special day.

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To add extra flair and really make sure your cake is turned “all the way up” you can incorporate wedding cake sparklers. King of Sparklers is sure to brighten up your special day as sparks roar from your decadent dessert and shine off of the simply-amazed faces of your guests. Obtain this shock and awe with either 5 or 6-inch sparklers.


Make a beautiful mess to be left in your wake by choosing confetti poppers as an element of your festivities. Your nieces and nephews will love running around in a blitz as gramma makes it rain confetti all over the dance floor. We have 14-inch confetti poppers filled with rectangular-shaped tissue more appropriate for your wedding – but we also offer 20-inch party poppers filled with colorful paper tissue strips that you’d more closely associate with NYE.

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Does your wedding night need some funk? Throw wedding foam glow sticks and bracelets in the mix to achieve that mid-90's rave vibe and get your party really kicking. Our glow stick bracelets offer versatility to those on the dance floor enabling them to have an easy-to-maintain prop within their clutches that doesn’t impede upon their moves.


Start a quiet riot with the subtle beauty of sky lanterns. They are silent and graceful but their presence is louder than a rocket engine. When a few sky lanterns adorn the atmosphere above your guests they create a truly mesmerizing experience and give your event a memorable feeling that your guests will always carry with them. Besides weddings, they are ideally suited for birthdays, anniversaries, new years bashes and everything in-between.

The End

Now you have 5 epic wedding sparkler and party favor ideas to put in your scrapbook to pull out when your wedding planner comes to meet with you. When was the last time you attended a wedding with such unique and dazzling accessories on-hand for guests to interact with? Exactly! So let KingOfSparklers provide all of your wedding sparkler and party favor needs guaranteeing your day of holy matrimony leaves your guests raving to their friends and neighbors like “O-M-G.” 

----> Check out Pinterest for more Wedding Send-Off Ideas or read K Schultz Photography's blog "Wedding Sparklers - A Bright Idea"

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