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Best Sparkler Exit Ever!


An Instagram post shared by BREEA (@tellthebirds) http://www.tellthebirds.com

That's a wrap! Best sparkler exit ever!!!! Check out the full wedding video on YouTube!

You have planned the most magical day and have a dress fit for a princess. The decor is lacking one thing: a touch of flair. Make your wedding the most memorable celebration with supplies from King of Sparklers. Our brilliant and festive sparklers, glow stick bracelets, cake sparklers, sky lanterns, and confetti sticks are beautiful, fun, and romantic ways for you and your guests to pump up the energy and build new memories on your special day. Whether you imagine a dazzling display of sparklers or a silent send-off of sky lanterns, we can provide you with premium supplies to make your vision a reality.

Light Up the night and have the best Wedding with our wedding sparklers. Our 36 inch Wedding Sparklers are a dazzling addition to any sendoff line or when displayed in a vase in the center of the table. Also, their affordable price allows for plenty of wedding sparklers for your money. You will be able to create great memories and take many pictures with those wedding sparklers! We recommend at 1 or 2 wedding sparklers per person. Those wedding sparklers are a must for any wedding and celebration!

Glow stick bracelets are another crowd favorite for guests of all ages. It’s a great way to shine on the dance floor while still staying fashionable. Worn on the wrist or waived in the air, glow sticks sticks are the perfect combination with wedding sparklers. The party will shine and glow all night long.

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #1: Not checking with your venue.As exciting as it is to have sparklers at wedding, it's important to check with your venue to make sure they allow a wedding sparkler send off. Some places do not allow sparklers because of insurance, safety, or hazards.Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #2: Not enough outdoor [...]

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Wedding Sparklers Safety

Lighting Method The 10 inch sparklers sparkle instantly meaning you can start them from any lighting source, the 20 and 36 inch sparkler are thicker and longer than the 10 inch sparkler, so lighting them from a another sparkle. We Recommend having a few guests light the first sparklers and then spread out, so everyone can [...]

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Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Sparkle

Light Up The Night - Beginning to End You worked day and night to create the most magical wedding, the big day is coming up, it’s time to wave the sparklers! The assumption is that sparklers are meant for a send off. On the contrary, there are a wide variety, such as wedding sparklers, cake sparklers, [...]

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The ultimate Party Weapon is Here

The world's first party weapon has finally arrived to the United States. With the nightlife scene growing faster than ever, this Champagne Gun can make a difference in ways people view your company and lifestyle! Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges, or anywhere that offers bottle-services know how hard it can be to compete with other locals. This Gold, [...]

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Live your Club Life in Color

Live life in color at your events, many money spenders like to have light up shows and be the center of attention. When you attend a nightclub or lounge, you’ll always notice VIP sticks out due to sparklers and LED products, along with the beautiful bottle service girls. Why not have your bottle service stick out [...]

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