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Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid


Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #1: Not checking with your venue.

As exciting as it is to have sparklers at wedding, it's important to check with your venue to make sure they allow a wedding sparkler send off. Some places do not allow sparklers because of insurance, safety, or hazards.

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #2: Not enough outdoor space.

Now that you know that you can have sparklers at the venue, you have to make sure it’s in an open outdoor location away from anything potentially flammable or hazardous, for obvious reasons. Also, make sure it has enough room for guests to form two lines, through which you’ll walk down the center of together. 

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #3: No announcement.

You’ll want to have an announcement. You want as many guests as possible to be present at the sparkler send-off, so let them know what time it’s happening so they know to stick around. Also, make sure there’s a specific time. Timing is essential. In the summer, it gets darker much later, so keep that in mind. Also, make sure the time you select isn’t at the exact end time as agreed upon by the venue: you want to take your time. Your timing shouldn’t be too early so you don’t feel forced out of your own party.

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #4: No Supply Of Matches

You’ll need plenty of matches, so this is when a matchbox wedding favor is an especially handy idea! Whether you plan to give matchbox favors or have a specific sparklers matches area designated at the venue.

Wedding Sparkler Mistakes – #5: No Place to Put Them Out

The most important aspect of having sparklers at a wedding is knowing where to put them out once the send-off is over. Guests will need a place to put the wedding sparklers out once your send-off is over. The best, most effective way to put them out is in a galvanized steel pail with sand. Sand will ensure the sparklers are distinguished and cooled off completely before throwing them away. After cooling, can t hey can be thrown in the garbage once they’re completely cool.