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Wedding Sparklers Safety


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Lighting Method

The 10 inch sparklers sparkle instantly meaning you can start them from any lighting source, the 20 and 36 inch sparkler are thicker and longer than the 10 inch sparkler, so lighting them from a another sparkle. We Recommend having a few guests light the first sparklers and then spread out, so everyone can have theirs lit as close together as possible.

Put Someone In Charge!

While extremely fun and a great addition to any wedding, sparklers of any size should be handled with safety in mind. We suggest appointing someone or multiple people at the wedding to be in charge of handing out each sparks, lighting them for your guest, and correctly disposing of them afterward.

How To Carry Lit Sparklers

Always keep lit sparklers away from clothing, face, and eyes. It’s always important when waving your sparklers around, to watch for those around you as well. Your wedding guests are having such a great time that they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. While waving lit sparklers, it’s best not to wave them too fast. A slow, steady motion will produce the best results. Keep sparklers away from flammable materials such as gasoline, hairspray, nail polish, or alcohol. When lighting a sparklers, check the area to make certain there are no flammable items nearby. If you see anyone who might be something unsafe, politely remind them how to use them safely.