Wedding Sparklers - 10 inch

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Last about one minute, 10-inch sparklers, (48) count, Smokeless
These 10" gold sparklers are great for any festive occassion! These sparklers are made with wire cores instead of bamboo wood, so that they burn much CLEANER and with far less SMOKE.


Starting at 16.99 for 48 sparklers. Light Up the night and have the best Wedding with our wedding sparklers. Let us help you guide the newlyweds as they exit the chapel or event onto their honeymoon with a shower of sparks!

10 inch Wedding Sparklers are a dazzling addition to any sendoff line or when displayed in a vase in the center of the table. Also, their affordable price allows for plenty of wedding sparklers for your money.

However, keep in mind that if you intend to use them in pictures, they may be harder to work with than longer sparklers since they last a little less than a minute. For pictures, you will need to get multiple wedding sparklers lit, hand them out, and then get everyone set for the picture, so the window of time can be a little tight. When used for the sendoff line alone, 10 inch wedding sparklers are quick to light and create a perfect sendoff experience that will leave wedding memories that last forever. Our 10 inch wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?
Each 10 inch wedding sparkler will last approximately 30-45 seconds. Plan on having 5 sparklers per guest to prevent a sendoff line with guests who have used all of their sparklers too soon.