36" Wedding Sparklers

In Stock
36 inches
180 seconds
High-grade steel rod
Produces stunning smokeless golden sparks


A lot of newlyweds choose 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers for wedding reception send-off lines in order to make the moment unforgettable and capture amazing Wedding Pictures. You can use them whenever you want: During the ceremony too. Imagine all of your guests lighting their 36 inch Wedding Sparklers during your vow, so romantic. They will create a fairy tale day.

Extra-long Sparklers last 4 minutes

Each sparkler will last approximately 4 minutes, which is actually more than the ones proposed by our competitors. No need to provide 2 sparklers per guest with our 36” Sparklers, those are Giant Sparklers! If you want to use those for your bride exit, the length really is safer than with 10” and 20” ones and certainly lasted long enough for the bride and groom to walk through the exit line. Your photographer will for sure have enough time to capture nice pictures. The result is always unforgettable. The sparklers can be a nice touch to the bride and grooms first dance too! We provide the longest lasting and brightest sparklers on the market.

Do Light Painting with your Giant Sparklers

A lot of people don’t associate night photography with wedding photography. It’s too bad, capturing night pictures is an amazing way to have your wedding photos stand out from others. You can do Light Painting with 36 inch Sparklers and 36 inch ones, just ask your photographer!

Wedding Sparklers Idea

Some of our customers attach our Sparklers with tags and ribbons explaining when their guests have to light those: at cutting-cake ceremony or post wedding reception for example. You can give the Sparklers at the end of the reception as gifts otherwise.

If you want to use Sparklers as Decorations to make a beautiful centerpiece on dining tables, or on cocktail tables, you may choose our heart sparklers, 10” or 20” Sparklers.

Are Sparklers Safe?

You can for sure enjoy sparklers safely! You just have to be careful and to take some common sense precautions.  King of Sparklers provides high quality products, but you have to use our sparklers carefully anyway. Always supervise children. Kids love to play with sparklers, it looks magical. But you always have to keep an eye on them.

Don’t forget to provide vases of water or sand in your reception, as your guests would be able to put used sparklers in water or sand. They remain hot after use.

36 Inch Sparklers Bulk

Bulk pricing is available. Please contact us in order to discuss bulk pricing.


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