Laser Gloves

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Four Lasers rated at 45MW each
Elastic and Pleather, fits most adult sized hands
3.7v Lithium-Ion 4800mAh - Rechargeable
DC 5v 500ma wall adapter

One of the best items for DJs, RAVE junkies, or all special effects gurus are our DJ laser gloves. Our dj laser gloves have become a hit in the nightlife life industry specially for LED ROBOTS and DJs during their sets. These high power DJ laser gloves are sold in pairs of 2, LEFT & RIGHT hand. They are sold by a USA company so you can believe that our dj laser gloves are inspected before we ship them to you. Dont take any chances with buying anywhere else but a USA company. These are high power lasers that are rated at 45-50MW, they are totally RECHARGEABLE & wrapped in strong pleather material. Our dj laser gloves will fit most adult hands.


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