King of Sparklers

Black Paper Straws 7.75 inch - Case of 10000

Solid Black
Multi Purpose:
Restaurants, Resorts, hotels, or any venue that prefers to reduce plastic waste
10 000 straws per case


Quantities: 10,000 bulk box

Length: 7.75"

Fancy Supplies Black Paper Drinking Straws biodegradable compostable eco-friendly Perfect for your venue restaurants, nightclubs, or anywhere . Multi Purpose: Restaurants, Resorts, hotels, or any venue that prefers to reduce plastic waste. Say NO to plastic and YES to paper straws! 0.25" diameter - The exact paper straws you have been searching for to reduce your plastic footprint.


Make the environmentally responsible choice and serve your customer's beverages with the 7 1/2" Black unwrapped paper sip straw!

Made of a special paper, this straw is a great alternative to plastic straws. Whether used at a restaurant, cafe, or concession stand, your patrons will be sure to appreciate your environmental consciousness and effort to reduce our carbon footprint.


Sip Size

The sip size is great for sipping and stirring beverages that do not require a large opening like cocktails and coffee.

Hot and Cold Use

This straw is also versatile and can be used for both hot beverages as well as cold. This prevents you from having to purchase multiple temperature specific straws.

Unwrapped Design

To reduce waste even further, these straws come unwrapped, so not only is there less paper to throw away, you also save time by not needing to unwrap a straw each time a drink is served.


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