King of Sparklers

Twilight Menu Charging Dock

Power Supply:
AC 100-240v / DC 4.2v 500mA
Charging Slots:
3 horizontal spaces
Outer Shell:
Black Acrylic
12" x 8" x 6"


This docking station can charge up to three Twilight Menus simultaneously. After the service, put your menus on this dock and be sure to have your menus ready for the next service! Four rubberized feet allow the docking stations to be stacked to maintain an organized work space. A typical charge cycle per menu is five hours.

Charging your menu

  1. Plug in the power adapter included with your docking station into the port located on the back.
  2. Slide in your twilight menu into an empty slot ensuring the metal connectors on your menu touch the metal leads inside the dock.
  3. During the charging cycle, a red status indicator will light up on your menu.
  4. A green status indicator will light up when the menu is fully charged.

You can have a look on our Twilight Menus by clicking here : Twilight LED Menu


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