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Live your Club Life in Color

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colorful sparklers

Our Sparklers & Other Favors Help Light Up Your Shows

Live life in color at your events, many money spenders like to have light up shows and be the center of attention. When you attend a nightclub or lounge, you’ll always notice VIP sticks out due to sparklers and LED products, along with the beautiful bottle service girls.

Why not have your bottle service stick out from the rest? Normal nightclub industries will have their bottles with the basic white sparklers, be different by having a collection of colors to choose from.

The key to a successful nightclub business owner is to go above and beyond, create new ideas, and give clients a reason to come back. Colored bottle sparklers can be used anywhere and will target all demographics. They’ll have a few colors to choose from like red, purple, blue, and gold that will shoot up as high as 6-8 inches which will last about 45 seconds, just enough time to catch that selfie on Snapchat!

Here’s a quick tip, take advantage of these! The club scene is popular in any state/city and it’s being overtaken by the younger generations. Young people love color, hence why everything they own is bright and full of joy. With the growth in the EDM community, many are use to attending events that are filled with glow sticks, foam light ups, and LED products. Don’t fall behind and try to play catch up later on.


Most people love sparklers, especially when it comes to a champagne bath! This is a fun and easy way to celebrate any event. It’s easy to apply to all bottles, it has a safe bottle clip where the sparkler goes into and can be put into bottles, cake, or any dessert.

This product can be found by  clicking here!

or copy and paste this link: http://www.kingofsparklers.com/colored-sparklers-...

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