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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since 2008, King of Sparklers has been serving as a one-stop shop for party planners throughout the United States. With our collection of products ranging from bottle sparklers to confetti, we have the options you need to host an entertaining event that guests of all ages will love.

Ready to start planning a party or special event? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your gathering.

Where Can I Buy Bottle, Wedding and Cake Sparklers?

No matter if you're planning a wedding or graduation party, you'll find all the sparklers you need at King of Sparklers. We have products in several sizes, shapes and burn times to meet your unique needs. 

All of our sparklers contain high-grade steel metal rods for quality you can count on. They also produce minimal smoke and low odor, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor venues. 

How Many Sparklers Should I Buy for a Wedding?

We recommend having at least one to two sparklers per guest on your big day. This ensures that everyone can join in the festivities. Along with creating an enjoyable experience for your guests, this amount will add a fun sparkling effect to your photos.

How Long Should Wedding Sparklers Be?

The length of your sparklers will determine how long they are capable of burning. The longer the sparkler, the longer the burn time. 

The standard burn time for most sparklers is around 20 seconds. This doesn't give you or your guests much time to enjoy the spectacular display or capture memorable photos. This is why, here at King of Sparklers, you'll find many different lengths so that you can experience more of a drawn-out display. For example, you can check out our 36-inch wedding sparklers, which will give you a four-minute burn time!

Where to Buy Long Sparklers

At King of Sparklers, we have products ranging from 10 inches up to 36 inches. You'll be able to choose the perfect length for wedding send-offs, cake toppers, New Year's Eve celebrations and much more.

Along with our standard sparklers, you'll also find long sparklers in fun shapes like hearts.

Are Sparklers Safe to Use on Cakes?

From birthday parties to work anniversaries, adding sparklers to cakes is the perfect way to turn any celebration into something truly special. Not all sparklers can be used on food, though. Before poking a sparkler into your cake, make sure to check if it's food-safe.

Here at King of Sparklers, you'll find a wide variety of certified food-safe cake sparklers. Add one — or several — to your cake and experience peace of mind knowing you and your guests will be safe.

Where Can I Buy Sparklers in Bulk?

Need hundreds — or maybe even thousands — of sparklers? King of Sparklers has you covered. We offer bulk options for our sparklers so you can get the amount you need for less. 

Order Your Sparklers Today From King of Sparklers! 

No matter what kind of event you're planning, we can help make your big day unforgettable. Check out our collection of sparkers and place your order today!