Wedding Sparklers


If you are looking for good quality Wedding Furniture, stop looking around, you're in the right place. We are also the best place where to buy Sparklers. We have a myriad of party accessories available: our most famous Wedding Sparklers amazing to create Must-Have Wedding Photos that You Don't Want to Miss, those are available in various colors and sizes. We also provide our clients in Confetti Sticks and Confetti Poppers, Wedding LED Foam Sticks, Glow Stick Bracelets, LED Ice Cubes and so on.

Wedding Sparklers, the most unforgettable accessory

King of Sparklers provides the best quality products at cheaper prices. Engage your guests and create a memorable send-off with our premium quality, extended-burn 10” to 36” wedding sparklers. Crafted using high grade steel rods to prevent bending and produce a virtually smokeless experience. These extended-burn sparklers last approximately 40 to 180 seconds, depending of the chosen option.

King of Sparklers provides a great reliable service. Since the establishment of King of Sparklers, we have been committed to a standard of errorless customer service. You will find that King of Sparklers offers the widest selection and highest quality of products at the price you need. We make a difference from our competitors because we stand behind every product we sell and want to establish lasting relationships with you by making sure you are satisfied. You can count on King of Sparklers for reliability, dependability, and prompt friendly service.

Our Wedding Sparklers can be used for outdoor pictures. Those lit quickly and burn for a few minutes, giving ample time to your photographer to capture the perfect send-off photo. Pictures will turned out awesome, all photographers really love the light provided.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 913-5122.

Wedding Photo Ideas with our Wedding Sparklers

Because we used to work with you in the organization of your weddings since a long time, we know the questions you can ask yourself. We have heard a lot of feedback on how our wedding sparklers have been used into your wedding ceremonies. With all this great inspiration coming in, we have created a list below with some of the most popular ways to use to help give couples ideas for their wedding.

Sendoff Lines: guests will be able to form a hedge of honor to the bride and groom who will have the privilege to walk in an illuminated and lit path of these sparklers held by each guest. A hedge of honor can be nice: it will finish the evening in style: the guests will go under a shower of light! If you do not want to leave your guests: the hedge of honor can mark an early evening, music and light: for the greatest happiness of all!

For the entry of the newlyweds in the dining room: Let your guest participate at your entry in the reception hall. For that, nothing more simple: in your dining room, put on each place a sparkler, dressed with a beautiful label, to explain to your guests how and when to light those. Also remember to have candles or pretty boxes of matches on the tables. Lighted at the same time, the sparklers will shine brightly while you have the pleasure of having an entry of superstars!

Light Painting: You are almost in the dark, your photographer will pause long (he will take the picture for 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, like the old-fashioned pictures in the movies!), and someone will turn you around with a sparkler while you're not moving so you're not too blurry. The rendering is beautiful, you are in a whirlwind of light!

Purchase in Bulk in order to save money

Because we used to work with Wedding Planners since a long time, we understand problematics associated to the organization of this big-day. Some organized celebration are huge with a lot of guests. King of Sparklers offers you the possibility to purchase any product in bulk in order to save money. If you need sparklers in bulk or anything else, you can contact us by clicking here: e-mail or by calling our office.

Others activities of King of Sparklers

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  • 10" Wedding Sparklers
    As low as $13.99
    Length: 10 inches Duration: Remains lit for 30 seconds Materials: High-grade steel rod

    Complete your order before 4:00pm EST for Same Day Shipping - Weekdays Only!

  • 20" Wedding Sparklers
    As low as $19.99
    Length: 20 inches Duration: 120 seconds Materials: High-grade steel rod

    Complete your order before 4:00pm EST for Same Day Shipping - Weekdays Only!

  • 36" Wedding Sparklers
    As low as $31.99
    Length: 36 inches Duration: 180 seconds Materials: High-grade steel rod

    Complete your order before 4:00pm EST for Same Day Shipping - Weekdays Only!

  • Premium Wedding Cake Sparklers 6"
    As low as $9.99
    Length: 8 inches Duration: 50 seconds Highlights: Emits a spectacular 12" golden flame with sparks

    Complete your order before 4:00pm EST for Same Day Shipping - Weekdays Only!

  • Heart-shaped Wedding Sparklers - 12 inch
    Length: 12 inches Duration: Up to 55 seconds Highlights: Sparks follow the shape of a heart

    Complete your order before 4:00pm EST for Same Day Shipping - Weekdays Only!