King of Sparklers

Amex LED Bottle Presenter

Bottle Size:
Fits most 750ml Bottle
Equipped with:
Remote Controlled
Led Glow:
6 colors available


Amex LED Bottle Presenter

Elevate your bottle service experience with our Amex LED Bottle Presenter! Shaped like a sleek credit card, this VIP essential is a must-have for clubs and any scene where bottle service reigns supreme. Command attention to your table effortlessly with its eye-catching LED Glow lighting, showcasing vibrant multicolored hues. Portable and convenient to carry, our VIP Bottle Presenter ensures your bottle stands out in style, making every moment unforgettable.

This Bottle Presenter is Fully rechargeable

This VIP LED Presenter Glow is 6 colors

This LED Sign comes with a remote

This LED Bottle Presenter is Easy to carry


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