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C2 Premium Electric Hookah

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The Only:
Electronic Hookah device
Pre-filled pods:
For quick, hassle-free refill
No Nicotine:
No Charcoal No Tobacco
10 pods per hookah purchased
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Premium Electric Hookah For Sale

  • Designed with user-safety as a primary concern, its powerful 8000mah removable battery offers staggeringly fast charging capability thanks to its USB-C connection, and an LED battery life indicator ensures that users can monitor their power levels with ease.
  • Complete C2 Premium Electric Hookah to enjoy the moment you receive. Only one hose is to be used with the hookah.
  • Revolutionary high-end hookah and pods imported from France:
    • Electric hookah that does not require being plugged into the wall.
    • Pods that require zero maintenance.
    • Changing flavors is as easy as inserting new pod.
  • Zero Maintenance to operate your hookah lounge. Now servers or bartenders can easily set up hookah. Requires zero charcoal! No knowledge of how to pack tobacco! All you have to do is let the customer choose the pre-filled pod, and that is it!
  • No pods are included with the order. Add pods to your order here: Hookah Pods




  • C2 Pods are committed to excellence.
  • C2 Pods contain no diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl.
  • We insist on using solely the finest materials in our liquids to obtain the purest, most premium product for our users. As tastes change we work tirelessly to bring new and exciting flavors to market, so that every personal preference is catered for. 
  • Minimum of 10 pods per Hookah.






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