Cake Sparklers

King of Sparklers | King of Sparklers

Length: 8 inches
Duration: 50 seconds
Highlights: Emits a spectacular 12" golden flame with sparks




Cake Sparklers are one of our most popular product and the best in the market. Make your Birthday ceremony a real show by adding these amazing Cake Sparklers to your cake. Specially designed to enhance the presentation of your cake and desserts. A plastic spike is included with each sparkler to stick into the cake. Once lit, these Premium Wedding Cake Sparklers will emit a spectacular spray of gold sparks that shoot up as high as 12 inches while producing low smoke and low odor. It is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. 

Presenting the cake nicely at the reception during the Big-Day is just as important as designing and decorating the cake. Here are some ideas on how to use our Wedding Sparklers for your wedding cake to make the ceremony impressive!


How Many Sparklers Do I Need for my Birthday Cake?

As always, discretion is advised to maintain a controlled environment. For small cakes less than 12 inches in diameter, we recommend using 1 to 3 Cake Sparklers. For multi-tiered cakes, feel free to use more! The result will be unforgettable. Each sparkler will last approximately 50 seconds, which is actually more than the ones proposed by our competitors. 

King of Sparklers offers an easy way to add amazing and mesmerizing final touches to your cake and animate your party. Cake Sparklers are great for all types of celebrations; Birthdays, Weddings and Graduations! Out cake sparklers are six inches tall and are available in silver or gold holographic paper wrapping to suit most colour themes.

How do I capture a great photo while using cake sparklers?

Placing Cake Sparklers on your cake is an excellent method to create extraordinary memories and capture fantastic photos. In order to capture a great photo and emphasize the light of the sparkling candle, try to avoid using your flash and dim the lights in your room. But be careful though - too dark a room will give your mobile phone or camera some trouble adjusting the brightness of the image. 




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