King of Sparklers

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon (Pack of 2)

12 Inches
Launch Mode:
Compressed Air
Paper Color:
Pink or Blue


Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Reveals.

Easy to Use and Blasts Confetti 15-30ft High!

Highlight the question of the party with confetti cannons. Launch blue or pink confetti 15 to 30 feet in the air with a simple, twist of the cannon's bottom trigger! The confetti cannons are crafted using lightweight biodegradable tissue paper which launches quickly then slowly drifts through the air in a colorful shower. A perfect way to capture the exciting gender reveal of your future child. 

Cannons are discretely marked on the barcode as a string of numbers and a letter at the end to denote the gender/color of tissue.
  • Blue Confetti is denoted by an "M" for male.
  • Pink Confetti is denoted by an "F" for female.


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