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Heart Wedding Sparklers - 12 inch

$8.99 - $107.99
Wedding - Heart 12inch
12 inches
Up to 55 seconds
Follow the heart shape


Heart-Shaped Sparklers: The Most Romantic Sparkler for a Wedding

King of Sparklers is one of the most important sparklers suppliers in the United States. We are proud to provide sparklers that are made of premium quality and last longer than most of other sparklers company. Today we have added a new product to our Wedding Sparklers Category, let us introduce the Heart Shaped Sparklers! Nice way to celebrate love and union with friends and family. Undeniable, the most romantic wedding Sparkler there is on the market.Heart Shaped Sparklers are really cute to hand out and guests are able to enjoy the novelty of these Sparklers. Supplying Cheap Heart Sparklers to our customers for their Big-Day is essential for King of Sparklers. You can buy all of our products in bulk in order to save money. Shop any of our Wholesale Wedding Sparklers and get a Special Price on Sparklers for your celebration. 

How to Light Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Simply light the sparkler and enjoy! These Sparklers last up to 55 seconds. These Heart-shape sparklers measure 12-inch-long and are almost smokeless. Those heart shaped wedding sparklers are bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart. They are perfect to use for a Weddings, Valentine’s day or any celebration.

How Many Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers Can I Put On My Cake or Dessert?

Depending of the size of your cake or dessert. On average, we recommend 4 sparklers per cake or cake layer. Feel free to add more.

How Can I Use Sparklers During My Wedding?

Our wedding sparklers are used in so many creative ways during both your wedding reception, ceremony, bride and groom Grand Exit, send off and during your night. These wedding sparklers look stunning on wedding pictures.

If you prefer to use those sparklers during your grand exit, King of Sparkler’s Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers long enough for newlyweds to get through a line of about 100 guests. We advise ordering 2 sparklers for each guest to be sure the photographer will have enough time to capture this fantastic moment. Other customers also use those wedding sparklers for fun pictures within the bridal party. This is a good way to keep little kids cheerful and satisfied.

Decoration Ideas for Your Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers

You can use our heart-shaped sparklers as decorations by making beautiful, eye-catching dining or cocktail table centerpiecesPlacing heart-shaped sparklers in vases with thank-you tags attached is another unique way to show guests your appreciation for coming out to celebrate your special, sparkling day! 

Why Order Your Heart-Shaped Sparklers from King of Sparklers? 

Planning a wedding or other large-scale function can be challenging, especially on a budget. And occasionally, little details — like ordering sparklers or other party supplies — can get swept under the rug as other planning needs take precedence.

That's why at King of Sparklers, we offer our customers convenient ways to: 

  • Save money: When you want to buy heart-shaped sparklers in bulk for an affordable price, turn to King of Sparklers. We offer the most competitive prices on premium-quality wholesale sparklers. 
  • Get sparklers fast: Sometimes you need sparklers or party supplies at the drop of a hat. We get it! Our standard shipping times range from one to seven business days, and we offer express shipping for last-minute needs.
  • Find the best products for the best value: With more than 20 years of combined experience in the pyrotechnic industry, we know what makes a sparkler exceptional. Our innovative, competitively priced sparklers offer our customers outstanding experiences for the greatest value.

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