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Silver Silk Rose Petals (100 Pieces)

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Add a Touch of Romance With Rose Petals 

Roses have always been synonymous with love and romance. What better way to add a touch of romance to your next special event than by sprinkling some delicate silver rose petals everywhere?

No matter what kind of event you're planning, King of Sparklers will help you deliver unforgettable moments. With our rose petals and other decorations, you can trust that your loved ones will be in awe of your beautifully decorated tablescapes and aisles. 

Our Silver Silk Rose Petals 

Our silver silk rose petals offer an elegant twist on traditional red petals. Each one measures 1.5-2 inches and comes in a bag with 100 pieces. Their size makes them perfect for filling all kinds of vases for centerpieces.

You can also use them to line the aisle for your wedding, creating a lovely path up to the altar. Not planning a wedding? These rose petals work just as well for creating a trail leading up to the door or entrance to your private event.

How to Use Our Rose Petals 

With their subdued hue, silver silk rose petals pair perfectly with all kinds of decor. Incorporate them into a Mother's Day breakfast tray or sprinkle some over the table for a special anniversary or Valentine's Day dinner. 

Petals are especially romantic for weddings. Scatter them down the aisle or fill a small basket with a mixture of petal colors for your flower girl. You can give them to your wedding guests, too. Create cones using paper doilies, cardstock or construction paper. Fill them with silver rose petals and have your guests toss them at the right moment to make your wedding send-off shimmer.

Our rose petals also work well for lighthearted birthday parties or celebrations with your friends and family. You can even spread them out on a picnic blanket to make a regular day more special. 

Why Plan Your Next Party With King of Sparklers? 

Whatever your event budget, you'll appreciate how all of our party supplies are competitively priced. You'll be able to find the high-quality rose petals you need to set a romantic mood — all without having to pay premium prices.

Also, we take pride in being a nationwide supplier, helping individuals all across the U.S. get the products they need to create unforgettable events with their friends and family. We focus on fulfilling orders as promptly as possible. Need your silver rose petals even sooner? Choose our rush shipping option when you check out. 

At King of Sparklers, we are also fully committed to your satisfaction. If you aren't happy with your order, let us know and we'll send you a refund. 

Start Planning Your Next Event

Whether you're planning a wedding or a birthday bash for a friend, our silver silk rose petals will add the perfect touch to your decor. Order some today and treat your loved ones to a beautiful and thought-out party experience!


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