white paper Confetti bags in Bulk (11 LBS)



Create a Sparkling Effect With White Paper Confetti at Your Next Party

While colorful confetti has been a classic party staple for years, there are times you need something a little understated for the event or themed party you're planning. That’s when you’ll want to reach for white confetti.

Since 2008, King of Sparklers has helped people like you plan and host unforgettable parties. We carry a wide variety of party supplies that will make your next event a success, including our charming white paper confetti. 

About Our White Paper Confetti 

While it may be less colorful than multi-color confetti, we’ve designed our white paper confetti to catch and reflect the same amount of ambient light. We use a special paper material to ensure it provides a sparkling effect as it flutters to the ground. 

Each confetti paper measures 0.75 inches by 2 inches. These pieces are specifically designed to be slow-falling, offering plenty of time to enjoy the fluttering effect and take priceless pictures with your loved ones.

To make sure you and your guests have plenty of confetti during your next party, we package it in bulk 11-pound bags.

Ways to Use White Confetti 

With its pure color, white confetti is the perfect addition to bridal showers and weddings. Couples will feel celebrated as confetti floats down on them during their ceremony or reception. 

It also works especially well during the wedding send-off. Have friends and family toss it on the happy couple as they head off on their honeymoon. Planning your own wedding? Hand out confetti-filled cones to your bridesmaids, groomsmen and loved ones so they can throw it when you and your partner emerge from the venue or chapel hand-in-hand as a married couple.

Of course, since this confetti is safe to use both indoors and outdoors, you’ll have endless possibilities. You’ll want to have some on hand whenever you’re planning birthday parties, graduations or anniversaries.

You can also bring confetti along to nightclubs or lounges. Whatever the setting or occasion, your guests will love celebrating with some elegant white confetti. 

Why Choose King of Sparklers? 

Wondering if you’ll be able to receive party supplies from King of Sparklers? Since we are a nationwide supplier, you can feel confident that we'll get you the confetti you need to throw a party that you and your guests won't soon forget. We understand that sometimes you need your party supplies delivered within a short time frame so we also offer rush shipping.

Experience some of the highest quality confetti available. To make each bag of confetti even better, we competitively price all of our party supplies. Get the best products without having to pay premium prices. 

Our white confetti bags in bulk also come with our money-back guarantee. You'll be able to confidently place your order knowing that we'll refund you if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. 

Get Some of Our Bulk White Confetti Today 

If you're ready to start planning an unforgettable event, King of Sparklers has the party supplies you need to get started. Order our white confetti today!


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