King of Sparklers

750ml Champagne Gun Adapter



With this adaptor, you will now be able to insert any champagne bottle of 750ml on your Champagne Gun. You will be able to spray or serve champagne with any champagne bottle of 750ml. Bring the wow factor to your next party!


Incredibly fun, stylish, and a beautiful addition to your VIP event.

This party weapon is completely harmless and can be loaded most magnum sized champagne bottles. A spray diffuser and a serving spout are included with each Champagne Gun. As if a champagne shower wasn’t fun enough, combine the celebration with the excitement of a super soaker battle and watch the party go crazy for these amazing party essentials. Perfect for nightclubs, pool parties, boat trips, music festivals, and more champagne guns are the perfect combination of light hearted fun and elegant style.

Champagne Showers: Attach a bottle of champagne with the spray diffuser, shake up and shoot bubbly champagne all over your friends - or enemies - for about 45 seconds. The bubbly blaster sprays a distance of up to 23 feet!

Champagne Service: An original accessory, elegant and exuberant way to serve champagne.

Champagne Display: Beautiful and stylish decoration, to display any magnum bottle of champagne on a bar or dining table, or can be used as a centerpiece.

The champagne gun was designed to be used with magnum sized bottles (1.5 liters). Although most champagne bottles will fit your gun, there are a few exceptions; Specialty brands magnum (1.5 liters) bottles such as Ace of Spades, Dom Perignon, Cristal, Ruinart will not fit the Champagne Gun.


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