how many sparklers should I use for my 100 people wedding ?

how many sparklers should I use for my 100 people wedding ?

Posted by Jeremy on on 13th Jun 2023

The number of sparklers you'll need for your 100-person wedding will depend on how you plan to use them and the duration of the sparkler display. Here are a few considerations to help you estimate the quantity of sparklers:

1. Sparkler Exit: If you're planning a sparkler exit, where guests form a tunnel with sparklers for the couple to walk through, you'll typically need two sparklers per guest. This accounts for one sparkler per hand. So, for 100 guests, you would need approximately 200 sparklers.

2. Centerpiece or Table Decorations: If you plan to use sparklers as part of the table decorations or centerpieces, you can estimate about 5-10 sparklers per table, depending on the desired effect. Consider the number of tables you'll have and calculate accordingly.

3. Additional Displays: If you want to have additional sparkler displays throughout the evening, such as during a special dance or a memorable moment, you can estimate a certain number of sparklers based on the desired visual impact. This can vary depending on the size of the display and the effect you want to achieve.

Remember to consider safety guidelines and regulations regarding the use of sparklers in your venue. Check with your venue coordinator or event planner for any specific restrictions or requirements.

It's always a good idea to order slightly more sparklers than you think you'll need to account for any unexpected circumstances or extra guests. Additionally, consider purchasing sparklers in bulk, as it is often more cost-effective.

Ultimately, the number of sparklers you decide to use will depend on your vision for the event and how you plan to incorporate them into your wedding celebration.