King of Sparklers

LED Double Sided Illuminated Menu

NightClub - LEDMENU
White Lights
PU Leather
Rechargeable Lithium Ion


This LED backlit menu book measures 11"H x 5.5"W (insert size). These rechargeable light up menus last up to 8 hours continuously lit on a single charge. There are 2 inside panels (left & right) that light up when the menu book is opened and switch off automatically when the menu book is closed to help conserve battery life. This menu book is rechargeable and requires a charger to charge it back up when the battery dies. Great for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges. Material is based on black solid pleather.
A multi charger, like the one you can purchase here : LED Menu Multi-Charger is included at no additional cost for purchases of 10 units or more.
If you are interested in customizing your order please call us at 305-308-0809.


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