King of Sparklers

LED Illuminated Check Presenter

NightClub - Check presenter
PU Leather
Lithium-Ion, Rechargeable
Micro-USB 5-pin and wall adapter
Other Details:
Magnetic Check holder, Pen Holder, Card and Cash holder


This LED check presenter, known as a light up bill holder, is ideal for using in upscale restaurants and night clubs. These displays create a stunning illuminated presentation. Reading the bill will be easy in businesses with low light with this plush LED check presenter. The interior of this display features a credit card pocket as well as a cash slot on the left flap. Each LED check presenter that has a book style design also has a magnetic clasp to hold bills in place. The illuminated surface is directly under where the bill is held, and measures 3-3/8” wide x 5-5/8” tall. This LED check presenter that has a credit card slot will add to the décor of any bar or lounge.

This display has a discreet charging port that is barely noticeable to customers. This LED check presenter that is for night clubs has a pin-sized hole where the charger is inserted. Purchase either a single or (10) port charger to recharge multiple units at once. This black LED check presenter will be fully charged in 4-5 hours. Once full, the battery will last for approximately 7-8 hours of continuous use, and even longer when not continually open. This synthetic leather holder, LED check presenter, adds an exciting appeal to any restaurant or café. Draw in customers with these illuminated holders. This LED check presenter is a unique display that will give people something talk about. Customize your check presenter contact us.

Each LED check presenter includes a single usb charger and wall adapter. Get a free 10-unit multi-charger like the one available here : LED Menu Multi-Charger, with your purchase of 10 or more LED check presenters. 


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