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LED Strobe Baton

LED Strobe Baton
10 white lights
12 inches
Three Replaceable AAA Batteries, Not Included


LED STROBE BATON: guaranteed to attract everyone eyes to the bottle being brought to the table.

Our LED Strobe Batons are a perfect device to add to your VIP Bottle Service. The purpose of the product is to be carried by servers and waitresses during the celebration of a new expensive purchase from a VIP customer in nightclub, as you can see on our pictures. Ultra-Luminous LEDs get the entire bar or nightclub looking at the bottle waitresses when they are bringing your premium bottles on their tables. We strongly recommend you to use those in order to increase your sales on VIP bottles. Currently being used in all of the Las Vegas Strip, NYC, LA and Miami for bottle service on VIP tables. They are always a big hit in clubs!

Our vibrant pulsing 30 LED Strobe Light Baton has been created for use in all club scenes and forms! Guaranteed to attract everyone eyes to the bottle being brought to the table!  This has been a sure hit for nightclub staff to help navigate through the club as well!

Why choose LED Strobe Baton?

Our LED Strobe Baton will contribute to create an amazing show to tempt other customers to purchase premium bottles and obtain the same Bottle Service. This alternative to the traditional Champagne Bottle Sparkler has quickly become a Must for the nightlife industry because it makes paying guests feel the uniqueness that comes with the bottle service: Make sales growth by increasing Bottle Service profits.

Unlike most nightclub sparklers, LED Strobe Batons are a safe, non-fire and smoke-free solution.

How many do I have to buy for my Nightclub?

From the feedbacks we received, we advise large nightclub to purchase at least 20 of these LED Strobe batons in order to make a good impression. We would recommend to purchase about 10 of these batons for smaller clubs and establishments that are no longer using champagne sparklers or for those who want to try out something different for their Premium Bottle Service.

The real LED Strobe Baton makes the difference

Battery operated, the LED Strobe Baton have white LED light and 2 colors of casings (Gold or Silver). It will avoid the hazards that standard champagne sparklers have. Here are the Benefits using the Led Bottle Batons:

  • Respect State and local laws concerning fire hazard
  • Battery operated
  • Reusable
  • Fire Marshall approved
  • No flame
  • No smoke
  • No risk
  • Very bright and spectacular effect
  • Perfect for Bottle Service

Make a bright statement in your venue with a LED Strobe Baton!

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