LED Bottle Baton

King of Sparklers

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LED Bottle Baton also known as Nite Sparx Bottle Baton™ is another innovative LED light designed to complement the bottle service.

These bright LED lights were designed with the new fireworks laws in mind to replace regular sparkler candles with a safe, non-fire solution for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, weddings and special events.

With imagination and creativity, there are numerous ways to use these inventive LED lights other than on the top of bottles for VIP bottle service.

Battery operated, the LED Bottle Baton comes in 3 available color LEDs and 2 colors of aluminum casings. It will avoid the hazards that standard champagne sparklers have such as:

  • State and local laws concerning sparklers
  • Fire Marshall fines
  • Burns to servers or customers
  • No flames,
  • No smoke
  • No risk

Make a bright statement in your venue with a LED bottle Baton !