King of Sparklers

LED Bottle Topper Baton

LED Lights:
20 white lights
Aluminuim and Plastic
Requires 3 AAA - 1.5v Batteries



LED Bottle Baton also known as Nite Sparx Bottle Baton™ is another innovative LED light designed to complement the bottle service. The LED Bottle Baton is a greatly popular item for bottle service. This product is used to catch attention as bottles are being served to your VIP guests.

Why choose our LED bottle Baton?

Our LED Bottle Baton is composed of 20 white lights. This is more than you can find on other websites, these super bright lights are perfect for VIP Bottle Service.  LED Bottle Batons allow you to make the difference with your VIP customers who buy premium bottles, seek to be on the front stage and spend a unique night out.

These bright LED lights were designed to replace regular bottle sparklers with a safe, non-fire and smoke-free solution for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, weddings and special events. No more problems with Fire Marshalls!

How can I use my LED Baton?

It is very simple to use our LED Bottle baton, simply insert the led baton on top of your premium bottle and push the button. You can also hold the LED batons batons in your hands, if you prefer your servers to waive the Led lights in their hands for your VIP Bottle Service. Currently being used in all of the Las Vegas Strip, NYC and Miami for bottle service on ViP tables. Guaranteed to attract everyone eyes to the bottle being brought to the table!  This has been a sure hit for nightclub staff to help navigate through the club as well.

The real LED Bottle Baton makes the difference

Battery operated, the LED Bottle Baton have white LED light and 3 colors of aluminum casings (Chrome, Rose Gold & Gold). It will avoid the hazards that standard champagne sparklers have. Here are the Benefits using the Led Bottle Batons:

  • Respect State and local laws concerning fire hazard
  • Battery operated
  • Reusable
  • Fire Marshall approved
  • No flame
  • No smoke
  • No risk
  • Very bright and spectacular effect
  • Perfect for Bottle Service

Make a bright statement in your venue with a LED Bottle Baton!

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