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36" Wedding Sparklers

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36 inch Sparklers
180 seconds
High-grade steel rod
Produces stunning golden sparks


Smokeless 36-Inch Wedding Sparklers For Sale 

Are you looking for an easy way to sprinkle magic and add sparkle to your wedding send-off photos? Our wedding sparklers are long-lasting and smokeless to help you capture crisp, brilliant pictures of one of the most unforgettable days of your life.

Since 2008, King of Sparklers has provided couples and wedding planners with the best wedding sparklers at competitive prices. We're proud to be a one-stop shop for all your long-burning sparkler needs. We guarantee our products offer a stunning wow factor you won't find elsewhere. 

How to Use Sparklers at a Wedding 

Our giant wedding sparklers are 36-inches tall and burn for four minutes. That's excellent news for couples who want to ensure their photographer has plenty of time to capture their precious moments — especially for wedding send-offs, which typically last a few minutes. 

A grand wedding exit is just one way to use sparklers at your celebration. Light them before you cut your wedding cake or tell guests to ignite them while you and your spouse share your first dance. You can even light a sparkler instead of a unity candle during your ceremony. 

You can also decorate with wedding sparklers. Pop them in vases to create stunning table centerpieces and place drop-off vases filled with water and sand around your venue so guests can dispose of them when they're done.

The possibilities for wedding sparklers are endless! Use them for moments like these and more:

  • The first kiss
  • Grand entrances
  • Wedding send-offs
  • Cake cutting
  • Light painting
  • Bridal party pictures
  • First dances
  • Table displays
  • Unity lighting

Our sparklers come in different shapes, sizes and burn times to suit the needs of any event. 

The Perks of Big Sparklers for Weddings

Sparklers are safe and fun for wedding attendees of all ages. They're also easy to light up with our punk sticks or jumbo punk sticks — especially when you want to ignite multiple sparklers at once. Our sparklers feature high-grade steel metal rod cores and are smokeless to create a safe, smoke-free environment.

Plus, sparklers are convenient to clean up after the night's festivities end. Place vases filled with sand, beads or water around the venue along with a small sign asking guests to drop sparklers off when they're finished using them. Then, all you need to do is collect and dispose of the vase's contents after your guests have gone home.

Why Purchase 36-Inch Sparklers for Weddings From Us?

When looking for quality wedding sparklers at fantastic prices, turn to King of Sparklers. The benefits of ordering your 36-inch sparklers from us include: 

  • Competitive prices: We're proud to offer competitive prices on the highest-quality sparklers on the market. And when you purchase 20- or 36-inch wedding sparklers from us, you'll get a special gift!
  • Premier products: The bigger the sparkler, the longer the burn time. Our smokeless 36-inch sparklers boast tough metal cores and offer lasting burns so photographers can immortalize sweet moments. 
  • Excellent service: We're dedicated to our reputation for smooth checkouts and prompt deliveries. Our reliability makes us the preferred wedding sparkler retailer for our hundreds of happy couples. 

Order Your Wedding Sparklers Today

Capture wedding photos you'll cherish for a lifetime. Order wedding send-off sparklers from King of Sparklers today — if you order yours before 3 p.m., we'll ship them the same day!

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