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Sparklers are a party element that you can purchase with confidence, knowing that guests of all ages will find them both exciting and entertaining. The larger your guest list gets, though, the harder it can be to light all the sparklers at once.

With large punk sticks, you can efficiently and safely light many sparklers simultaneously. Whether you're planning a wedding or a kid's birthday party, these sticks will make the event run much more smoothly.

About Our Jumbo Punk Sticks 

Instead of having to light each sparkler individually, you can use our punk sticks for an efficient way to tackle multiple sparklers at once. Each punk is coated with compressed sawdust and designed to burn slowly. This means you'll have plenty of time to ignite any type of sparkler. 

These lighters will also help keep you safe because they are long. There is no open flame and you can stay an arm's distance away from the end.

Each order comes with one pack, which contains three long punk sticks. 

How to Use Big Punk Sticks at Your Next Event 

From newlywed send-offs to Fourth of July neighborhood celebrations, any time you'll be lighting a lot of sparklers, you'll want to have jumbo punk sticks on hand. These sticks will make sure everyone is ready at the same time, helping the event to flow more seamlessly. 

To light your sparklers with our jumbo punk sticks, select a guest to light a single punk stick with a lighter or match. Their punk stick will burn slowly, enabling them to go down a line of other guests and light their sparklers. This process makes for safe and efficient sparkler lighting at any event. 

Along with helping set a memorable ambiance, having all your sparklers going at once will make it easier for photographers to capture plenty of swoon-worthy shots. Place punk sticks in vases located around the venue or pop them in your table centerpieces or floral arrangements so guests can use them as needed.

Our products can even be used to light fireworks safely, helping create effortless back-to-back displays. No matter how you decide to use these punk sticks, your guests will be dazzled by the coordinated effect. 

The Benefits of Choosing King of Sparklers

Here at King of Sparklers, we've been a proud supplier of innovative party supplies since we were founded in 2008. As a nationwide distributor, we help individuals host all kinds of special events throughout the United States. 

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a good time with friends and family without overspending, so we provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Also, with rush shipping options available, we'll ensure you get the supplies you need as quickly as possible. 

Create a Vibrant, Fun-Filled Event With Jumbo Punk Sticks

If you are planning a large event or celebration, King of Sparklers has you covered. Order our jumbo punk sticks today and prepare to wow your entire guest list. 


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