King of Sparklers

Glow Stick Bracelet

Wedding - Glow
9 inches
Glow Time:
Up to 8 hours
Other Details:
100 Bracelets Per Order


Our Glow Stick Bracelets are great fun for all parties in the dark! Bring fun and amusement to your wedding, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, New Year Eve with our glowing sticks. Kids will love playing with those glowing batons and wear those as traditional glow bracelets and necklaces. These glow bracelets are a great way to shine on the dance floor too, while still staying fashionable.  The slim bracelets will attract a crowd around you as you simply activate it’s glowing abilities and watch as you light up the entire night! In addition, you can put our Glow bracelets in your drinks, in your bottles or in your cups. for a unique drink ! 

Details about our Glow Stick Bacelets : 

Size: 8" rope with 5 mm in diameter  
Package: Tube of 100 pcs 
Instruction: Bend and shake to active 
Duration: 10+ hours long and bright glow 
Shelf life: Two year 
Safety: Non-Toxic & Non Flammable


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