Glow Stick Bracelet

King of Sparklers

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These glow bracelets are a great way to shine on the dance floor while still staying fashionable.  The slim bracelets will attract a crowd around you as you simply activate it’s glowing abilities and watch as you light up the entire night!  In addition, these Glow bracelets are a unique way to brand signature drinks in your establishment.  Every time a customer purchases the house or signature drink, just drop one of these eye catching glow bracelets into their cup and they will continue to order that unique drink! Coming in a pack of 50 bracelets per order, these bracelets are excellent for all night time activities, from clubs and lounges to beach and pool parties.

Product Details  Size: 8" rope with 5 mm in diameter  
Package: Tube of 100 pcs 
Instruction: Bend and shake to active 
Duration: 10+ hours long and bright glow 
Shelf life: Two year 
Safety: Non-Toxic & Non Flammable