Laser Gloves

King of Sparklers | King of Sparklers

Lights: Four Lasers rated at 45MW each
Gloves: Elastic and synthetic leather
Batteries: Li-ion 4800mAh

One of the best items for DJs, RAVE junkies, or all special effects gurus are our DJ laser gloves. Our dj laser gloves have become a hit in the nightlife life industry specially for LED ROBOTS and DJs during their sets. These high power DJ laser gloves are sold in pairs of 2, LEFT & RIGHT hand. They are sold by a USA company so you can believe that our dj laser gloves are inspected before we ship them to you. Dont take any chances with buying anywhere else but a USA company. These are high power lasers that are rated at 45-50MW, they are totally RECHARGEABLE & wrapped in strong pleather material. Our dj laser gloves will fit most adult hands.


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