King of Sparklers

Laser Glasses Premium Powerful

Laser Colors Available:
Green or Red
One size fits all:
Fit almost anyone




A King Of Sparklers very anticipated product, and party accessory for DJs, Dancers, Stage shows, Ravers, or even the Elite special effects gurus. king of sparklers' LASER Glasses are a futuristic and unique touch to add to your performance or effects show and completely hype up your crowd.

These laser glasses are engineered to work best in a smoke filled room,or Stage, like in a nightclub or a readied atmosphere for Special Effects. They will fit almost anyone, one size fits all, and they are very safe to the touch. They have a total of Red 18 Laser Outputs that operate continuously.

They come in a standard Red color Laser or green laser. Our Laser glasses comes with a charger. These are individually tested so they are inspected before we ship them out to insure quality.



King Of Sparklers Disclaimer: These are very bright lasers so we advise that you DO NOT point these units at anyone's eyes.

This is a Professional Special Effects Product and is to be treated as one.

DO NOT point at any moving cars, DO NOT point at any animals eyes, or DO NOT point at any airplaines.

By purchasing this items King of Sparklers LLC is not responsible for any injuries or due to the misuse of this product. It is considered a Felony to misuse.


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