King of Sparklers

Star Sparklers (Pack of 6)

Great for:
Birthdays, Fourth of July & decorative topper
Up to 55 seconds
Two Sparks:
Dance around the star


Buy Star-Shaped Sparklers at King of Sparklers

Are you looking for an easy way to brighten up a special occasion? Throw a little sparkle into the mix! Our gold star sparklers offer an exciting way to add ambiance to photos and delight guests of all ages. Learn how to use our star-shaped sparklers below. 

How Do You Light Star Sparklers?

Lighting up a star sparkler is simple! All you need to do is light it as you would any other sparkler, starting at the center tip to ignite both sides of the sparkler at once. Our star-shaped sparklers rain brilliant gold sparks down both sides simultaneously for extra excitement. 

The wire core ensures your star sparklers burn with little to no smoke for a clean, safe environment. They're also a breeze to clean up when the night ends! Place vases with sand or water around the venue so attendees can drop them off, then collect and dispose of them in minutes. 

How Big Are Our Star Sparklers?

Our star sparklers are by no means small! These large sparklers feature a star measuring 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide, and they're 5 1/2 inches long in total. 

How Can You Use Star-Shaped Sparklers?

Star-shaped sparklers add personality to any occasion. You can use our certified food-safe star-shaped sparklers to liven up a dessert presentation by adding them to cupcakes or a birthday cake. You can also create eye-catching centerpieces for cocktail or banquet tables by setting sparklers in glass vases with sand or beads. 

Some other ways to use star sparklers include:

  • Wedding send-offs.
  • Reception hall entrances.
  • Parades and fireworks shows.
  • Holiday parties.
  • Anniversary dinners.
  • Club bottle services.
  • Birthday parties.

Why Buy Your Star Sparklers From King of Sparklers?

You can confidently order sparklers from King of Sparklers knowing we offer the best values for the finest products. Learn about what sets us apart: 

  • Excellent value: With our competitive prices, purchasing star sparklers in bulk is an affordable way to add flair to any affair — from weddings and bridal showers to anniversaries and birthday parties. 
  • Fast shipping: Our standard shipping times range from one to seven business days to ensure you receive your sparklers quickly. Take advantage of our express shipping options for last-minute needs! 
  • Premium products: We have over 20 years of combined experience in the pyrotechnic industry, meaning we know how to scout the most innovative products on the market. Our sparklers are guaranteed high-quality and provide an exceptional user experience every time.

Order Your Gold Star Sparklers in Bulk Today! 

Make your party unforgettable with a unique twist on the classic sparkler. Our fun star-shaped sparklers offer a thrilling way to make stunning event photos you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Need your sparklers now? Good news — we offer rush shipping so you can have them delivered before your big day. Save money by ordering your star sparklers in bulk from King of Sparklers today! 


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