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Nightclub LED Foam Sticks

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LED Foam sticks
LED lights:
3 mode multicolor
White Foam


The hottest nightclubs and festivals used these to give to a big part of their guests in order to put some ambiance in the event. When the DJ arrive and start to mix, all of the guests had them illuminated in the air. It is definitely one of the greater looking effect. Everyone love using the King Of Sparklers's Nightclub LED Foam Sticks on the dance floor throughout the rest of the night too. With its multi-function lighting, you’ll be able to control the vibe of any room.

They are also great for social activities such as concerts and sporting events, New Years and Halloween. Our party tool and great for giveaways or income generators. Exactly the same LED glow sticks have been used during this past year’s Superbowl.

Our LED Foam Sticks are made from quality soft white foam and multicolored LEDs, these LED sticks will light up dark rooms with a bright, ambient glow. Batteries included


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