LED Bottle Sparklers

King of Sparklers

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Alternative to champagne bottle sparklers - Super bright LED - Allow bottle service customers to feel VIP without the hassle of smoke discharge


King of Sparklers is excited to announce we now offer LED Bottle Sparklers. This is the first authentic alternative to our most popular champagne bottle sparklers. We understand a lot of our venues are unable to use our nightclub bottles sparklers, but King of Sparklers has put together a brand new nightclub product to grab the entire clubs attention! Our LED Bottle Sparklers are packed with the brightest LED lights which makes this product the ideal alternative if you are unable use bottle sparklers. King of Sparklers always strives to be the leader in the nightclub scene and wants no club to be left behind. We believe every customer who orders bottle service should feel ViP! With our LED Bottle Sparklers you will not have to worry about alarm discharges or fire Marshall visits!