LED Bottle Sparklers

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12 white lights
8-1/2 inches
Replaceable by LR44


The best alternative to standard sparklers indoors.

King of Sparklers, in addition to traditional nightclub sparklers, offers you the opportunity to provide you with sticks LED Sparklers. Our LED batons line of products is composed of: Our LED Strobe Baton currently being used in all of the Las Vegas Strip for bottle service on VIP tables and available here : LED Strobe Baton, LED Bottle Sparklers the first authentic alternative to our most popular champagne bottle sparklers and finally the LED Bottle Baton also known as Nite Sparx Bottle Baton™ is another innovative LED light designed to complement the bottle service available here : LED Bottle Baton. All of those are used for your VIP clients in order to make them feel like superstars and captivate others attention on the purchased bottle.

Do I have to choose Traditional Sparklers or LED Sparklers?

Be sure that the party stays awesome by keeping your guest and your nightclub safe. All the nightclubs and other indoor establishments (For parties, weddings, celebrations, lounge bars and so on) cannot use of our traditional sparklers or simply don’t want to because of the open flame. Electronic Sparkler is definitely the best alternative to our most popular champagne bottle sparklers. No more burns, no more Fire Marshall visits. In addition to, one of the bigger advantage of LED Sparklers is that these will last much longer than traditional ones. Regular bottle sparklers last for around 40 seconds then the battery of electronic sparklers will continue to run all night long.

A Real Bottle Service Decorations

Many bars and nightclubs told us that adding a sparkler as a bright decoration help improve sales.



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