LED Bottle Glorifier Sticker Light

King of Sparklers | King of Sparklers

Duration: Up to 30 hours
LED: 6 white/red/blue/green/pink lights
Adhesive: Strong 3M tape
Diameter: 2-3/8 inches

These waterproof bottle sticker lights are a MUST HAVE for any nightclub, bar or lounge that provides bottle service to their patrons. You are able to light up any of your liquor bottles for the ultimate in VIP Bottle Service. Your VIP customers can now choose from any of the 3 modes flashing modes of this product and are also still able to keep their bottles lit up in the ice buckets because their bottle sticker lights are also waterproof!


  1. Peel off cover for 3M adhesive on back.
  2. Press adhesive side firmly on the bottom of bottle.
  3. Press middle button to activate the light sequence:

    1 Press: Fast Blinking
    2 Press: Slow Blinking 
    3 Press: Steady ON 
    4 Press: Off


  • Now with 6 Ultra Bright LED Lights - Shine Brighter Than Before!
  • Up to 30 hours of light
  • Ice bucket approved (waterproof)
  • Fits all Bottle sizes: Standard/Magnum/Super Magnum
  • Best used on clear spirits



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