Champagne Bottle Sparklers

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Emits spectacular gold sparks - Last about 45 seconds - 6-8 inch sparklers - Low smoke & low odor
Champagne Bottle Sparklers


The classic.

Champagne Bottle Sparklers can be used anywhere ! Once lit, they will emit a spectacular spray of gold sparks that shoot as high as 6-8 inches, lasts for approximately 45 seconds, and products low smoke and low odor.

Our Champagne Sparklers are used at major nightclubs, lounge, restaurants, weddings and any events across the country. This sparklers will create a mesmerizing moment for your guests !!!

Champagne sparklers are also known as bottle sparklers, Vip bottle sparklers or nightclub sparklers.

The most common use for these sparklers is to attach to the side of a champagne bottle using our safety Bottle Clip or to insert the sparkler into a cake or dessert by using the already supplied plastic spike on the end of every sparkler that we supply.