Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips - Triple

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Safety First !!!!

The Bottle Sparkler Triple Safety Clip is used to safely attach 3 Sparklers to a bottle. This product is strong, durable and reusable.

Our Clips are designed to be safe, smart, and simple!

No more Rubber band !!

Clips on easy within seconds!

The Bottle Sparkler Triple Safety Clip have been designed and produced with both safety and image in mind. Created to fit on both small and large bottles this product will firmly secure your Bottle Sparklers to the side of the majority bottle sizes that are available.
Now you can present the bottles with the added safety element of a securely fastened Bottle Sparklers helping to reduce the risk of a falling sparkler. As well as an added safety precaution, your guests can now also enjoy a more presentable form of attachment which is a lot classier than the traditional tape, coil or elastic band used previously by our clients.

How to attach

a) Using the Bottle Sparklers Triple Safety Clip, hold the clip by one of the smaller opening’s with the larger opening facing the bottle

b) With your free hand support the bottle from the base and push the larger opening of the clip against the neck of the bottle

c) Connect the Bottle Sparkler(s) to the smaller opening(s) of the clip

d) Check the Bottle Sparklers are fastened securely to the side of the bottle. Hold the bottle at a slight angle away from spectators or any other obstructions

This product can also be referred to as Tri-Clip, Sparkler Clip, Champagne Bottle Clip, Ice Fountain Attachment, Ice Fountain Bottle Clip, Ice Candle Bottle Clip or Sparkler Band.