Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips - Single

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Safety First !!!!!

The Bottle Sparkler Safety Clip is used to safely attach 1 Sparkler to a bottle. This product is strong, durable and reusable.

Our Clips are designed to be safe, smart, and simple!

No more Rubber band !!

Clips on easy within seconds!
How to attach:

a) Using the Bottle Sparkler Safety Clip, hold the clip by the smaller opening’s with the larger opening facing the bottle

b) With your free hand support the bottle from the base and push the larger opening of the clip against the neck of the bottle

c) Connect the Bottle Sparkler to the smaller opening of the clip

d) Check the Sparkler are fastened securely to the side of the bottle. Hold the bottle at a slight angle away from spectators or any other obstructions