Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips - Double

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Capacity: Holds up to 2 Bottle Sparklers
Material: Black plastic
Bottle Neck Diameter:
Bottle Neck Diameter: 1.5 inches

Safety First !!!!

The Bottle Sparkler Double Safety Clip is used to safely attach 2 Sparklers to a bottle. This product is strong, durable and reusable.

Our Clips are designed to be safe, smart, and simple!

No more Rubber band !!

Clips on easy within seconds!
The Bottle Sparkler Double Safety Clip have been designed and produced with both safety and presentation in mind. This clip in particular has been created to fit on bottles firmly securing two Bottle Sparklers to the side of the bottle.

Please note, you MUST attach both ice fountains to the bottle at the same time in order for this clip to work properly.

How to attach

a) Using the Bottle Sparkler Double safety Clip, squeeze the band together opening up the centre part of the band.

b) With your free hand support the bottle from the base and push the opening of the band over the top of the bottle neck.

c) Insert the Bottle Sparkler(s) through the smaller opening(s) of the band.

d) Check the Bottle Sparklers are fastened securely to the side of the bottle. Hold the bottle at a slight angle away from spectators or any other obstructions


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