VIP Bottle Sparklers

King of Sparklers | King of Sparklers

Length: 8 inches
Duration: 45 to 50 seconds
Highlights: Emits a spectacular 12" golden flame with sparks


Light Up The Night! 

King of Sparklers offers premium quality bottle sparklers at the competitive prices and fast shipping. Each Bottle Sparkler is 6 inches in length and comes in two paper wrapping options - Gold and Silver. Our extended-burn VIP Bottle Sparklers emit a spectacular flame with gold sparks that shoot as high as 12 inches and last approximately 50 seconds. These VIP Bottle Sparklers produce minimal smoke and emit low odor. 

Our VIP Bottle Sparklers are used at major nightclubs, lounge, restaurants, weddings and any events across the country. VIP Bottle sparklers are the best way to give an amazing and unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Bottle Sparklers Safety Clips 

Bottle Sparklers can be used on almost any bottle. Prevent sparklers from falling or flipping downwards potentially burning your guests or employees! King of Sparklers recommends using Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips to affix the sparklers to bottles. Click here for details : BOTTLE SPARKLER SAFETY CLIPS 

Tried and True 

Our Vip Bottle Sparklers are trusted by major nightclubs, lounge and restaurants across the US. We stand by our product with a 14 day money back guarantee.




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