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Wedding Supplies

Sparklers, Confetti Poppers, Sky Lanterns & Glow Sticks for your big wedding!

Make your wedding the most memorable celebration with supplies from King of Sparklers. Our brilliant and festive sparklers, glow stick bracelets, cake sparklers, sky lanterns, and confetti sticks are beautiful, fun, and romantic ways for you and your guests to pump up the energy and build new memories on your special day. Our prices are set to allow you to provide supplies for your event without breaking the bank. Whether you imagine a dazzling display of sparklers or a silent send-off of sky lanterns, we can provide you with premium supplies to make your vision a reality.

  • These 10" gold sparklers are great for any festive occassion! These sparklers are made with wire cores instead of bamboo wood, so that they burn much CLEANER and with far less SMOKE.

    Starting at 16.99 for 48 sparklers. Light Up the night and have the best Wedding with our wedding sparklers. Let us help you guide the newlyweds as they exit the chapel or event onto their honeymoon with a shower of sparks!...

  • Wedding_Sparklers_kingofsparklers

    Create great memories and take many pictures with our 20 Inch wedding sparklers. Once lit, they last 2 min, and are made with still wire so they are smokeless. We recommend at least 2 wedding sparklers per person...

  • Wedding_Sparklers_kingofsparklers

      The 36 inch wedding sparklers are the Rolls Royce of the Wedding Sparklers! All of our 36 inch wedding sparklers last 3 1/2 min, and are made with still wire so they are smokeless. Those are the Best type...

  • Cake_Sparklers_kingofsparklers3

    Buy 6 cases and above and get $10 off! Cake Sparklers can be used anywhere ! Once lit, they will emit a spectacular spray of gold sparks that shoot as high as 6-8 inches, lasts for approximately 45 seconds, and products low...

  • Cake_sparkler_sparklers_party_wedding_supplies

      Buy 6 cases and above and get $10 off! Those are the Rolls Royce of the sparklers measuring 6 inches in height !!!! Premium Cake Sparklers can be used anywhere ! Once lit, they will emit a spectacular spray of gold...

  • Heart-shaped Wedding Sparklers - 12 inch

    These Heart-shaped, 12 inch long wire sparklers burn almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). When lit, these sparklers burn down on both sides of the heart.They are...

  • LED_foam_stick_wedding_party_enjoy

      These LED Foam Sticks are used at many clubs all over the world. With its multifunction lighting, you’ll be able to control the vibe of any room.   They are also great for social activities such as...

  • LED_Customized_Wedding_Foam_Sticks_kingofsparklers3

    These LED Foam Sticks and perfect for any wedding party!  Get customized names of the happy couple, perfect for dancing and celebrating the special day with!  Remember your special day with these customized LED...

  • Confetti_Stick_kingofsparklers3

      This Confetti Stick is filled with rectangular-shaped Tissue confetti. Make the confetti fly high up to 15 feet up in the air, with just a flick of the wrist. These hand flclkers can be seen in parties,...

  • party_poppers_wedding_confettis_confetti

      20" hand held Confetti Cannons. 12 per case. Filled with colorful paper tissue strips. This cannon popper uses compressed air to load and no hazardous material such as gunpowder, detonation, or firework are used. It...

  • miami-wedding-custom_sunglasses_kingofsparklers_wedding

    To Order, contact us at 305-308-0809 or email us

  • wedding_bride_sunglasses_kingofsparklers

      Ground breaking customizable and incredibly affordable wayfarer custom promotional party glasses.  These wayfarer Promotional party Glasses have fully customizable lenses for any person, company or event. ...

  • Glow_Sticks_Bracelets_kingofsparklers2

      These glow bracelets are a great way to shine on the dance floor while still staying fashionable.  The slim bracelets will attract a crowd around you as you simply activate it’s glowing abilities and watch...

  • Laser Flashing Party Shades

    Features: - 100% Brand New and High Quality. - Can be used on both indoor and outdoor night shows and activities.- A fine last minute costume prop.- Portable and easy to wear.- Use single button to control four...

  • LED_ice_cube_margarita_drink_nightclub_bucket_icebucket

      LED ice cubes are one of the hottest novelties on the market today for bars, clubs, special event planners and anyone who wants that extra 'wow' effect. LED ice cubes are activated by a small...